Saturday, December 22, 2012

Light Box

I've made light boxes before, long ago, out of aluminium with LED's, it was fun to make but they were expensive in material and labour costs. Now I'm gonna try something which will take less time hopefully and cost less to make. Here's one I made last night (12 inches by 4 inches). It's stock wood which is cut to length and glued, the back is now a piece of balsawood, still thinking what that needs to be. But most importantly, the light, this is a 4 inch CCFL tube, the inverter I got for free (Thanks Pink Mountains!). This is setup pretty fast and is promising. Next up is a way to mount a piece of clear acryllic in the front which will hold the print, the back needs something you can use to hang it on a wall and also checking for any light leaks. And maybe some ventilation holes cause unlike LED's these CCFL's get hot.

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