Saturday, September 17, 2016

Boat Work Update

So I've cut my boat in half, added a new middle section, and now I'm working on making it one piece again. It's taking much more time than I expected, as usual. I made frames to support the new construction and recently started to add supports for the deck that will cover the front of the boat. The main part of this covered area will be used as flotation in case the boat get's swamped. Between the open cockpit and the flotation area is room for storage and you can see the opening for an access hatch I made.

The cockpit will be surrounded by a coaming, or a ledge, lean against when you sit. And I've made a new transom, a thicker one that can support the outboard engine. Still a lot to do, sanding, epoxy and fiberglass on the outside of the hull, paint, etc etc. And I will be making my own navigation lights. I hope to make some video's about those in the next couple of weeks. I'm making all of this up as I go, so tension is starting to build, I have no idea how this new boat will behave. For instance, it is quite narrow at 110 cm. It will be interesting to see how the length of the boat, 360 cm (12 feet) will behave with an outboard on top of the transom. Keeping my fingers crossed until launch day :)

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