Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Custom Leather Case Part 4

I've spent about 4 days building this case now, in hours, maybe 20. I know, it sounds like a lot. Some of it is due to mistakes you're bound to make when you do this sort of thing for the first time. Cutting wood is a time consuming job, again sometimes due to mistakes having to cut things twice, but haven't lost a lot of wood to the bin yet. Since all the wood is covered you can get away with a lot of bad cuts and rough edges. Making the 8 corner protectors was quite some work, maybe 1,5 hours, cutting disc shapes out of aluminium using scissors, drilling 4 holes, bending the piece, sanding it. Moneywise, spent about 25 euro (32 dollars?), leather and felt being the most expensive part, used a lot of glue also, about 5 euro worth. Wood was 5 euro as well. Aluminium sheet I still had in storage as well as rivets.

Note to self, try to slow down a bit. Today I wanted to fit the first pieces of red felt but hadn't thought it through and ran into trouble when having to remove felt after it was glued down, not a pretty sight I tell you.

Anyway, today also started on the inner trays that the case will hold, 3 of them. And immediately ran into a small problem. I had envisioned 3 equal trays, however, due to the way the lid closes there wasn't enough room to make 3 equal ones that are stackable. So the top one will be a little bit different to allow the case to be able to close. Same procedure as the case, glue multiplex wood together to form a box. I use 90 degree angle shaped pieces of wood to keep pieces in the correct allignment when drying, using clamps. Using painter's tape also helps a lot to keep some tension on keeping pieces stuck together while drying.

You may be wondering why I haven't put felt in the top part of the case yet, that's because I still have to decide about a handle that will need to be fixed to the top and also I might need some kind of foam in there that will keep my trays from bouncing around when the case is closed.

Here are the results of today. Hope you enjoy this build, I certainly am :)

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